Heddons Kitchen | Ciabatta & Focaccias
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Ciabatta & Focaccias

All our Ciabattas and Focaccias are served with nachos and home made coleslaw. Toasted or cold

  • Halloumi

    ...with marinated artichoke, marinated peppers, pesto and sun blushed tomatoes

  • Buffalo Mozzarella

    ...with freshly sliced Parma ham, pesto and sun blushed tomatoes

  • Tuna Mayo

    ...with melted farmhouse cheddar, red onion and sun blushed tomatoes

  • Halloumi & Lounza

    ...with tomato, cucumber, red onion and mayo

  • Chicken Mayo

    ...with bacon, melted farmhouse cheddar and tomatoes

  • Smoked Salmon

    ...with avocado, cucumber and fresh rocket

  • Homemade Falafel

    ...with homemade houmous and gherkins

  • Local Roasted Ham

    ...with egg mayo and fresh rocket

  • Classic Salt Beef Sandwich on Rye

    Salt beef, rye bread, served with gherkins and English mustard on the side

  • Goats Cheese

    ...with bacon, sweet chilli jam and fresh rocket